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A Massage and More!

A massage doesn’t just offer physical effects on our body, such as increased mobility and increase in blood flow around the body, it also offers a range of psychological benefits related to the body’s production and regulation of hormones that affect our behaviour and general well being.

Massage triggers happy hormones to be discharged into the bloodstream.  The release of these hormones such as serotonin and dopamine promote happiness and well-being.  Massage also reduces Cortisol levels which is a stress hormone.  Too much Cortisol can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and cause weight gain, impair memory and increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

The main benefits of massage are:

  • increase relaxation due to the decreased heart rate/ blood pressure
  • calm the mind and reduce feelings of stress
  • reduce anxiety
  • encourage a better sleep pattern which in turn aids tissue repair, cell regeneration and healing
  • boost concentration and attentiveness – a massage before an exam or test has shown to boosts scores
  • re-energise the body
  • reduce the perception of pain.

So…what are you waiting for!