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Abi’s Review


Abi’s review of the Sothys nOctuelle detox resurfacing overnight cream!

Detox resurfacing overnight cream

(Bare with me, I’m a little rusty with my blogging skills, also showing pictures of my skin makeup-less is daunting for me!🙈)

This month I have been trialing the Sothys nOctuelle range as I have been struggling with breakouts all over my cheeks; something I’ve never had to deal with before now!😭

Because I’d never had any problems with blemishes before, I went into full panic mode which in turn made my skin worse (breakouts over the cheeks can be a sign of stress, so I didn’t help myself at all at first… oops♀️)

I, of course, ran to my manager Laura (AKA, my queen of skincare) to ask her advice. She SWEARS by the nOctuelle detox overnight cream so I took a sample size home with me to try… let’s just say I’m obsessed now!

At the start of the week I had a double action dermaplaning, my holy grail facial, to get rid of all the dead skin from the surface and my uncontrollable “peach fuzz.”😂 I did this as removing the dead skin fully allows deeper penetration of products which will, in turn, make my skincare work harder and repair my skin faster!

I couldn’t believe the difference the nOctuelle cream made after only one use; and by the third they were almost completely gone! (I’ll post the pictures, don’t worry, you need to see this too)


The moisturiser is designed to combine anti ageing stabilised vitamin C with the efficiency of oxygen-like nasturtium extract for visibly revived skin that appears resurfaced and radiant. It is to be used in the evening before sleep as your skin rests overnight, allowing the cream to actively fight against visible effects of daytime aggression on the skin.

My skin has since felt so much smoother, luminous and areas that would usually appear fatigued have been reduced. Safe to say, I’m in LOVE😍 and you need to try it too, you won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee it!

I’m now confident enough to go out and about without a scrap of makeup on, all thanks to the results from this cream… if you can relate to this, always feeling the need to cover up with makeup, give it a go and enhance YOUR natural beauty too!