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Contouring – Where did it all go wrong?

Contouring – It’s supposed to be subtle, not obvious

We all know that makeup and particularly contouring is a massive trend, but how many of you agree with us that ladies these days are going way too over the top with their stripey makeup?! Sometimes we cannot believe our eyes when we come across THE most unnatural makeup tutorials and pictures online, with thousands of likes and comments.

How makeup used to be

Back in the day when we did our makeup training, we were taught how to highlight and shade features of the face, purely to create subtle changes in a model’s look. Shading, or contouring as it is now called, was often used to help disguise features of a face that maybe the model wasn’t happy with. Likewise, highlighting was used to help make the best features ‘pop’.

Who’s under that makeup?

Unfortunately now, most makeup tutorials seem to promote the ‘samey samey’, overly tanned looks with too much highlighter, too much bronzer and just too much of everything! Reality check – this is not why makeup is made. It’s supposed to enhance the natural beauty, not act as a mask to make people unrecognisable! Not everyone can carry off the same boring look that is just everywhere at the moment. And why do so many people want to mimic this look?! Maybe it’s because everyone wants to look like a Kardashian these days. Yes, the Kardashians are stunning, but makeup should be adapted for every individual. Features, colours, tones, personal preference and the occasion are just a few factors that need to be considered before creating your makeup masterpiece.

A contouring guide- back to basics

If you like makeup, then stick with us here on our blog folks, as, over the coming months, we will chat more about makeup and put together some step by step makeup guides, to help you make the most of those beautiful faces and fill you with more confidence than ever.

Prepare to wear your makeup with pride! X

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