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Important Announcement

Closure Announcement: A Bittersweet Farewell After 9 Incredible Years

With heavy hearts and great sadness, we must share the news of the closure of our beloved salon after 9 remarkable years of beauty, transformation, and community. Despite our unwavering dedication and tireless efforts to create a haven for beauty and self-care, we have been given notice by the new property owners, bringing an unexpected end to this chapter. The news leaves us absolutely devastated, especially after investing thousands of pounds in refurbishments and team growth endeavours.

While the closure brings profound sorrow and a sense of loss, we refuse to let this setback dim the light that has shone through our salon for a decade. We hold onto hope, determination, and resilience as we navigate this challenging transition. On a positive note, we want to assure our loyal clients and supporters that we have a plan in motion. Please keep a close eye on your email inboxes for important updates and information regarding the next steps and how we aim to honour the legacy of our salon.

As we reflect on the memories, successes, and bonds forged over the years, we extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has been a part of our salon’s journey. Your patronage, trust, and support have been the pillars of our success, and we are immensely grateful for the love and loyalty you have shown us.

While this may be the end of an era, it is not the end of our story. We carry with us the lessons learned, the friendships made, and the unwavering spirit that defines us. As we bid farewell to our physical space, we look ahead to new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and the chance to continue spreading beauty and joy in different ways.

Please be rest assured all appointments will be transferred over to our new location with your desired therapist from the 2nd June.

Thank you for being a part of our salon family. Stay tuned for updates, stay connected, and most importantly, stay beautiful inside and out. Your continued support means the world to us.

Warm regards, Laura Salon Manager and Pure Perfection Team