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Pure Perfection Goes Back to School


Pure Perfection Goes Back to School – Holly and my Myself had a really inspiring day at Hollins last week.

With the support of EBP(NW)LTD we with students to help them gain real life hands on experience of various roles with in the beauty environment. 

We don’t just want them to gain the qualification; we train them to better understand the needs of our clients, which looks at aspects not covered in the qualification syllabus.  We also get them involved in the business side so that they gain a full understanding of the skills needed to succeed in the world of work. Supported.


Our thoughts on the beauty industry, because it appears to be moving away from the natural look which We believe it is having an impact on  how clients view themselves.  We always want to be honest and transparent with our clients, regretfully this isn’t always the case in this industry, particularly around marketing new products.  We want to manage client’s expectations so they are never disappointed with the outcome.

We will not try to convince them that they need enhancements to make them feel better; I aim to help them achieve natural beauty and a sense of wellbeing.  Clients visit us for a variety of reasons, sometimes believing treatments will make them ‘feel’ better.   To overcome this my team attended a really interesting workshop on a different approach to customer care.

At Pure perfection we recognise our limits and so now, if we believe that there are better suited professionals to work with our clients we are confident to signpost them.

We have found that this actually promotes loyalty and generates excellent feedback.