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Sothys Sleeping Beauty Facial

Sothys Sleeping Beauty Facial

40 Mins ♀♂

Cleanse the skin with our Eye and lip makeup removing fluid and the cleansing duo that is suitable for the customers skin type: Vitality for normal/combination skin, Comfort for sensitive skin, Purity for oily and combination oily skins and Clarity for skin with fragile capillaries.

Perform a skin exfoliation and deep cleanse with Desquacrem Forte Microderm. Use it the same way as the original Desquacrem: Apply a thin layer on face and neck, let it work for one minute, then emulsify with water, rinse and remove product and then repeat. Repeat the emulsification and rinsing three times until the product is completely removed.

Apply the Wrinkle-specific serum on the face and neck and perform a wrinkle pinching massage. Tight pinching movements on every wrinkle: forehead, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, nasogenian furrow, lip contour and “text-neck”.

Apply the Firming specific serum to the face and neck, and use efflerauge massaging movements and fanning movements to absorb the product.

Perform a 10-minute relaxing massage with Cristalline modelling cream (5ml) and the new nO2ctuelle Detox resurfacing overnight cream (2.50ml).

Apply one sachet of Chrono-destressing sleeping mask on the face and neck. Let it work for 10 minutes and the massage the rest in the skin.

The skin is now relaxed, renewed and ready to go to bed!

Cost per treatment £40


NOCTUELLE Detoxifying Resurfacing Cream – Availiable in Salon

Why should we use a night cream? ….Well read on:

Like any piece of “Smart” technology our bodies need “recharging” and it does this during sleep.

During the day our Skin is our protection against the environment – sun, pollution, dust, dirt , makeup etc. It’s our temperature regulator and a fully functioning waterproof “coat”. We colour it , tan it, scratch it, cover it and lash lots of products on it – no wonder it needs some recharging!

The impact sleep has on beauty is undeniable! People who have more than 7 hours’ sleep a night appear 4-5 years younger than those with less than 5 hours a night

Take Back the Night: Why You Should Never Skip Night Cream

Most people would never dream of going anywhere in the morning without going through their skincare routine. Yet, many people will skip a proper night time skin regimen without a moment’s hesitation. Is it the allure of the bed calling your name or just the feeling that it’s too much work?

Whatever the reason, it’s a bad habit you’ve got to break. Take back the night and make sure you perform your nightly skincare routine. Here are some tips for proper night time skincare.


Keep your sheets clean

Falling into bed is oh-so-nice, until you lay there wondering when’s the last time you changed the sheets. If you can’t remember, time to clean it up. Dead skin particles build up on your pillowcases and sheets and can lead to blemishes.


Wipe down your phone

It’s not a bad idea to keep disinfecting wipes in your bathroom to wipe down your phone. Think of all the germs it’s come into contact with. And if you plan to call you bestie after you get ready for bed, putting that dirty phone up to your face will clog your pores. Yuck!


Take off makeup and cleanse

Makeup can destroy skin when left on all night. From drying it out to causing breakouts and causing eye infections to causing wrinkles, it’s something you must stop doing immediately. Use a nourishing makeup remover and then cleanse skin properly to fully remove it.

Turn up the night cream

And now, the final step: night cream. Skin renews itself while you sleep and night creams are notorious for having an extra-rich concentration of nutrients to help your skin replenish. If you want to always look your most youthful and effervescent, you should finish your night time routine with night cream.


Don’t skimp on quality though

Make sure you use the good stuff. Professional-grade products cost more but they work. We only use Sothys exclusive luxurious line of legendary skincare products from Paris at Pure Perfect Salons. After your skincare treatments in our salons, we recommend you care for your skin with Sothys products to ensure your skin for cosmeceutical results.

With an entire product line designed to bring your skin perfection, it’s why Pure Perfect Salons always uses Sothys from start to finish and you should too. From cleansers and toners to day lotions and night creams, you’ll find the entire line-up at our salons for the kind of skin you’ll be happy to wake up to.