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Why you will love dermaplaning !

This celebrity endorsed treatment (Rachel Hunter, Eva Longoria) is available  at our Accrington & Clitheroe Salons.

Book 3 and get your 4th  free (saving)  £45

The definition of Dermaplaning is –

“The controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade held at a 45-degree angle for the removal of keratinized cells on the outer corneum and the fine vellus hair.”

To the average person, it’s a highly effective physical exfoliation to gently “shave” the outer layer of dead skin. This treatment also removes the fine vellus “fluffy” hair.

The hair does not grow back thicker or darker, it grows back (slowly) just as it was. It’s physiologically impossible for dermaplaning to alter the type of hair growth on your face.

The type of clients having this done are typically looking for skin rejuvenation, looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars or having more advanced treatments carried out after it such as face peels.

Because of the removal of dead skin and hair, the skin will completely absorb any skincare you apply to it, making treatments more effective and work harder in the skin to increase results.

Standard treatment 40 mins from £45

Double action treatment 1hr from £60 inc 20% Cosmetic peel with acid pH, for professional use only

Contains 2% salicylic acid and 20% glycolic acid


To refine the skin’s texture
Provide immediate brightening
Smooth the skin and reveal a clear and uniform skin tone


2% salycilic acid + 20% glycolic acid

10 times more of salycilic acid *

pH 3,6-3,7

Please be advised if you are allergic to aspirin we will not be able to perform the double treatment procedure.