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Why Choose Spray Tanning at Pure Perfection Salons?

Wear it with confidence

  • Natural look
  • Confidential skilled therapist
  • Quality product
  • Feeling comfortable

Why choose spray Tanning at Pure Perfection salons?

We desire to create the perfect spray tan evenly and smoothly onto the skin resulting in a flawless, natural looking tan whilst fading evenly.

Couture Tanning Solutions contain a natural ”guide” colour to aid us therapists with the application. The ”guide” colour is so natural that you can continue your day and no one will know they have had a spray tan.

The tan has a five hour absorption time, develops fully within 24 hours and lasts with care between seven and ten days.

Our Tanning Lotion are infusion of the fragrant ingredients citrus and green tea that leave you lingering with a bouquet of natural aromas, it smells divine.

All our ladies and gents are given pre and aftercare advising on how to achieve/maintain the best results, and we promise to make you feel as comfortable as we can. We understand! So don’t be shy and give it a try.

Couture Tanning Solutions come in two shades

Romantic Glow suitable for pale to medium skin tones.

Romantic Bronze suitable for medium to dark skin tones.

Couture Retail Products

To complement the tanning lotions and systems a full range of aftercare products are available in salon

*Radiant Body Polish

*Satin Body Drench

*Bronze Intensifier

*Chic Glow

*Instant Bronzer

*Ultimate Shimmer