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Let us show you how we wax!


What is a waxing treatment?

Some of the advantages include: large areas of unwanted hair being removed quickly to reveal a smooth area of skin, regrowth of hairs being finer and softer and the freedom from unwanted hair for long periods of time (usually about 4-6 weeks).

You need to ensure the minimum length of the hair to be waxed is about 0.75cm to 1cm so that the wax will easily remove it. As your hair grows a different times, even after the best wax you may be left with fine, short hairs which had not grown long enough to be grabbed hold of and pulled out by the wax.

What is the waxing process?

Whether offering waxing for men or women, your appointment at our waxing salon will usually involve the following, firstly the beautician will cleanse the area you’re having waxed – usually with a specially formulated lotion. Talc is sometimes sprinkled over sensitive areas (such as the bikini area) to prevent the wax from sticking to the skin as well as the hairs. The beauty therapist will then apply a generous amount of wax with a heated wax pen and smooth over the desired area. Fabric strips will carefully be placed over the wax and left on for a few seconds at most.

The beautician at your waxing salon will rip the strip off with a quick, smooth movement to pull the hairs completely out from their roots and you’ll experience a short pain for a couple of seconds, and then a stinging sensation for a few more. Usually the more experienced the beautician, the less the waxing will hurt, but it can also depend on the type of hairs you have and your pain threshold! After the desired area is hair free, a smoothing lotion (often tee tree) is applied to soothe the skin and ease the stinging.

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