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Looking for Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador

Keep it real campaign

We started our #keepitreal campaign because we believe in publishing truthful feedback from our clients and we love hearing your views.

We know that some celebrities are financially rewarded for giving fantastic ‘reviews’ of products, even if they haven’t actually tried the merchandise, but we want to keep it real!

Ask yourself:

Do you love what we do and what we are about?

Do you want to give someone the opportunity to get a 10% discount?

Even better, do you want to have 10% of whatever they spend paid into your Salon Account to spend on any treatment or product you choose?

If the answer is a resounding YES, why not apply to be a Brand Ambassador.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is someone who loves what we do, is true to our values and wants others to know about it!

It basically means you tell your contacts, friends and family why you like us, our product and/or services and offer them the opportunity to see for themselves with a 10% discount code.

Ambassadors can choose to share their feedback directly or via digital platforms, videos, blogs etc.  Let’s face it the more imaginative you are the more interest you will create and the more opportunity to bank some cash in your PP account.

How does it work?

Each Ambassador receives business cards with their name and unique code to pass to new clients so they can redeem 10% discount off their treatment or product.

Once they visit the salon, 10% of their total spend is logged on our system under the Ambassadors name.

At the end of each month the Ambassador will be informed how much is banked for them to spend in salon.

For example, if a NEW Client visits the salon and spends £50, £5 is banked for their Ambassador.

So, if you bring 10 new clients into salon and they all spend £50, a total of £50 will be banked (10 x £5).

The more the new clients spend on products or services, the more money an Ambassador can bank to spend in salon.

Terms and conditions:

  1. All information must be true and represent Pure Perfection in a respectful manner
  2. Offensive or bad language must never be used.
  3. To qualify for the 10% discount, clients must be new to our salon.
  4. Ambassadors will be required to join a private app bespoke to our salon for team members and Ambassadors so we can share reports and messages.
  5. Banked money cannot be shared or used in the month of December.
  6. When you choose to use your banked amount, we will endeavour to give you an appointment at the time you select and with your preferred therapist, however this may not always be possible

 To express an interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador please email