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Normal, what is normal?

Hi all, I hope you are feeling a little bit more normal these days, whatever your normal is!

, I started to question so many things and the pressure kept building.

I was fortunate to be recommended to Debs who became my wonderful coach and mentor. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned about myself (and others) over the years. I gained clarity and developed tools to identify my own patterns of behaviour and how that affected my life.  It really has been life changing and I have felt confident recommending Debs to many clients and I know they too have benefitted.  Anyway, that is just the background to our relationship, the next stage was even more impactful.

After feeling so confident, energised and happy, I was aware that I didn’t feel my ‘normal’ self.  When I say that, I mean there were days when I felt out of control and vulnerable for no apparent reason.  I was permanently exhausted and started to doubt me and my abilities.  My moods changed quickly and I felt confused with the thoughts that were going through my mind.  Prosecco became a very good friend!!

Thankfully I have always been open and honest in my coaching sessions and so was comfortable to describe (as best I could), how I was feeling and acting. To my surprise I was asked what I understood about peri-menopause, I am only 38 should I really know anything about this?  Oh my goodness, yes I should!

I must point out that Debs is also a wellbeing coach who is trained in hormonal problems.  She explained in such simple terms about the peri-menopause and the menopause and how it can affect women in different ways. To say I was shocked to learn my ‘not normal’ was in fact normal for many women with symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause is an understatement.

Just knowing this made a huge difference, I wasn’t going mad!  I have since learned so much more and am glad to tell you that I now understand signs and use the techniques I have learned to deal with my current and ever changing ‘normal’.

I strongly believe all women should have access to this information, and support to help them understand and cope if symptoms are affecting their life.  I always want to help other women feel good about themselves inside and out but now more than ever!

Watch this space, plans are in progress…..

Debs Connell Wellbeing Coach